Villa Mako has a dedicated team of seven Balinese staff. They all live a short scooter ride away and several come from the village itself. Villa Mako has been operating a relatively short time so the staff are young, very friendly and keen but still developing their skills.

Putri is the full-time manager; her job is to oversee and coordinate the staff and property and to assist guests during their stay. She is on call 24 hours a day.
Ketut, the cook, is a great resource. She trained as a line chef in a busy local restaurant and worked in other villas before coming to Villa Mako; she has an excellent ‘feel’ for food. She will prepare daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, according to the wishes and whims of her guests.
Ketut and Kadek look after the housekeeping; they will attend to all of the daily cleaning and domestic duties at the villa, as well as waiting on tables and assisting the kitchen at mealtimes.
Gardener/Pool attendants:
Nyoman tends the garden and pool at Villa Mako. He works discreetly to maintain the high standards without disturbing the guests.
Spa Staff/Masseuse:
Off-site, fully-trained spa staff will visit the villa on request to provide a range of spa treatments on the villa’s two massage beds.
Villa Mako is kept safe and secure by a two security guards Gede and Nyoman.

Patty the dog

Patty adopted the villa as a small puppy in 2006, although she remains very independent, spending most of her time on the village social round. She has had all her shots and the staff look after her feeding, immunisations etc. She is well behaved but guests should let the staff know if they would rather not have her visiting the villa – she will then happily live with the gardener. She is not allowed on the furniture or in the bedrooms.