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Villa Mako

“Well away from Bali’s tourist areas, in the tiny village of Tiying tutul, is Villa mako.” Going Colonial in Bali, Illawarra Mercury | Wollongong, Published 25 July 2015.


The Asia Villa Guide

“Villa Mako … set well away from Bali’s tourist areas.” Going Places, The Newcastle Herald, Published 25 July 2015.


The Asia Villa Guide

“Designed by a Dutch architect, three‐bed roomed Villa Mako presents a rich and creative combination of two cultures.” Villa Mako, The Asia Villa Guide, First Edition 2011.


For Her Royal Highnesses: Villa Mako

“For Her Royal Highnesses: Villa Mako.” Fun Family Villas In Bali That Are Paradise For Your Kids, Balimehthesheep.Com, December 10, 2014.


“7 Perfectly Good Reasons for a Chinese New Year Holiday in Bali.” Press release, Edition February 10, 2015.


“You own Plantation Style Home – Live like a Local in Luxury and Comfort” Press release, Edition 14, 2015.