The villa offers a menu (with Balinese and international dishes) to make ordering easier but guests should chat with Ketut, the cook, if there are other items they would like to try, as she is also very happy to work with new recipes and ingredients. She has both English and Indonesian versions of several cookbooks to ease translation.

Ketut can, of course, adjust the seasoning of dishes for different palates – Balinese food tends not to be too spicy but often rich and well-seasoned. This is a good opportunity to try standard Indonesian dishes such as Mie Goreng, Gado Gado or Soto Ayam, as well as some other more exotic Balinese dishes. The villa is close to the coast so fresh seafood is usually easy to source depending on the catch (good squid and prawns as well as fish and small lobsters). Ketut’s specialities include a Balinese banquet and a seafood feast.

To get the best out of the kitchen, it is a good idea to plan meals with the cook the evening before, or over breakfast, allowing plenty of time for deliveries and shopping to be done. Food and drink is provided on a ‘cost’ basis with a small mark-up to cover pick-ups/delivery and stock ingredients. Meat is sourced from quality suppliers and Ketut will buy other ingredients from the market daily. The owners suggest leaving a kitty/float with the manager who will keep a track of spending.