About us

Villa Mako was built in the early 1990s and substantially refurbished in 2006. The original design was based on an old college in Bandung, in Central Java, which provided the inspiration for the central hall with its high wooden ceiling with timber struts. The colonial feel again owes much to the architecture of the Javanese plantation houses. The design also incorporates wide eaves which, combined with the elevated position of the plot, allow for good air circulation and let in plenty of light.

Villa Mako’s interiors are designed for comfort and relaxation. Furnishings feature oversized sofas, daybeds, poolside loungers and plenty of cushions, so guests will always find a private spot for peace and quiet. In fact, a family or group of people staying at Villa Mako can easily lose each other within its depths, should they choose to. In addition to the many indoor and outdoor lounge spaces, guests have the choice of three dining areas, all of which present a unique ambiance.

Set well away from the tourist areas in the tiny village of Tiying Tutul amid the rhythms of agricultural life, Villa Mako honours Balinese culture. Guests are welcome at Hindu ceremonies in the nearby temple, which provide a unique insight into the religion and customs of Bali, while helpful villa staff – a dedicated team of seven, including manager and cook – will be pleased offer guidance on temple etiquette. Guests may even be lucky enough to see a barong dance – a sacred ritual staged not for tourists but for the local community to bring good fortune to the village.